Church & Area Statistics

Graph Bunker Hill Presbyterian Church, Washington Township, Gloucester County, New Jersey
Age of Bunker Hill Church 150 Years
Total Adult Members 152
Age Breakdown
Percentage  Age Group
    15%:     0-10 
    18%:    10-20
     5%:    20-40 
     9%:    30-40
    23%:    40-50 
    15%:    50-60
    14%:    60-70
     2%:    70-80
Women 89
very many
Washington Township is 22.5 square miles. This comprises the communities of Turnersville, Hurffville, Grenloch, CrossKeys, Mayfair, Bunker Hill and Chapel Heights. Out of Gloucester County's 24 communities, Washington Township is the largest and most progressive with approximately 47,500 people or 24% of the County's population.

The Township has seen rapid growth and change. In the mid 1960ís, Washington Township had only 7000 residents and an abundance of farmland and open. While there is still much open farmland, there is also an abundance of high quality schools, dining establishments, over 25 movie theaters in two large complexes, and beautiful park and recreational facilities.

People wonder why our address says "Sewell NJ". Here's why, as explained by the local officals.
Although Washington Township has lobbied for its own post-office and zip code, the United States Postal Service feels that the residents can be served more efficiently by using six postal zip codes which include Blackwood (Turnersville), Grenloch, Glassboro, Pitman, Sicklerville, and Sewell. As confusing as this may be, Washington Township continues to be South Jersey's Premier Community and is considered one of New Jersey's top 20 communities.

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