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The Bible - Central Truths

Foundation Stones for daily living and eternal salvation.

Many churches today are increasingly dominated by the spirit of this age rather than by the Spirit of Christ. Too often, Churches are guided by the culture. The "gospels" of a secular culture are no substitute for the Bible.

The Bible alone teaches all that is necessary for our salvation from sin and is the standard by which all Christian behaviors must be measured. Truth is not in the eye of the beholder, or what you or I may think or like it to be. Real moral truth reflects Godís character, and this does not change.

The Bible is not the only thing you need to know. The Bible, however, is all that is necessary for salvation. Christians must also study and learn all there is to know and experience in this world. However, the doctrine of revelation (all you need to find salvation) is contained in the Bible.

The gospel is God's announcement of saving truth. The Bible must be taught and preached. Sermons must be expositions of the Bible and its teachings, not expressions of the preacherís opinions of ideas of the age. It's all in the Bible. We must settle for nothing less than what God has given.

The sinless life of Jesus Christ and His substitutionary atonement alone are sufficient for our justification and reconciliation to the Father. Our salvation is not founded on "being a good person", or "going to church", or "being on a membership roll" at a church. Nor is it our "sincerity" or "spirituality" that saves us. We are rescued from Godís wrath by His grace alone. New life begins solely with Godís grace. It is not by anything we do or decide. Itís not accomplished by us.

We must live our entire lives before the face of God, under the authority of God, and for His glory alone. The scripture tells us what God expects of us. Give glory to God first. Church, family, education and patriotism are good things but only have meaning through God.

Justification is by grace alone through faith alone because of Christ alone.

The Right Stuff is provided by God

I have stuff. You might have more stuff. We all continue to want better stuff. But, is it the right stuff? What stuff does God have for us? Is there a benefit package that comes with following Him?

King David tells us, YES! Itís the real good stuff of Godís Kingdom. Unseen, spiritual stuff. Lasting stuff that really matters.

Markís sermon on Sunday, January 18th., titled "We Are In Godís Hand Brother, Not In Theirs", talked about the unseen "benefit package" of Godís Kingdom. This was contrasted to the tangible, material things we spend time and money trying to accumulate in the seen world.

Just turn and receive these blessings from God. Godís benefit package, if youíll take it, is found in Psalm 103. This was presented by Mark as follows:

1. Forgiveness for the sins and failures of the past (V.3a,6-12).
A total, complete, unconditional pardon. A fresh start.
2. Physical health and emotional healing (V.3b).
To those injured, ill, sick and hurting, God gives the power to overcome every infirmity. He may not withhold our physical pain, but will share it with us and strengthen us. Itís relief and victory over lifeís problems.
3. Redemption from those things that enslave us (V.4).
A ransom already paid to rescue us from destruction. Markís analogy: Are you working to secure a ticket for the best berth on the Titanic, when you already have a ticket to sail on Godís unsinkable ship that leads straight to glory.
4. Satisfaction and joy (V.5).
The joy of living, where life becomes a sweet banquet. An endless celebration that brings satisfaction to everyday life.
5. Fatherly care and attention (V.13-14).
A welcome into a loving family. Peace under the watchful eye of God who looks ahead and directs our way.
6. Comfort and assurance in the face of death (V.15-18).
Eternal grace as a chosen one! Sure, exercise and a good diet may help the physical body but it canít stop the inevitable. Godís spiritual health is there for us and endures the inescapable, terminal disease of life.

Finally, we donít earn these wonderful benefits. Just turn and receive these blessings from God, by confessing your sin and submitting your will to his authority. Thank God. Praise him and be grateful, and all the right stuff is yours.

The Myth of Human Progress

Why doesn't anyone live "happily ever after"?

Winston Churchhill said, "No victory is ever final, and no defeat is ever fatal."

The three human standards of progress are:

  • Increasing precise intervention.
  • More frequently yielded results.
  • Increasing predictability.
  • The above examples apply to sciences and technology. There is ample evidence that we are building better widgets, have fewer defects and longer product life, have more cures for illnesses and disease, more advanced communication and computing technologies, etc. etc..

    But, have "humans" themselves, really progressed?

    Sure, we are now better educated, have more wealth, can acquire power over others, and can be made to look more attractive. However, there is no evidence we are more perfect than any previous generation.

    The myth of "human progress" is: there really has been NO progress.
    The reasons:

  • Human loyalties are corrupt.
  • Human hearts are sinful.
  • Human priorities are foolish.
  • Whatever is not bred in the heart, may have to be remade by God.

    On this side of heaven, the best we can strive for is reformation, not glorification.
    Glorification will occur when Christ returns, and all is resolved perfectly and forever.

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