Reasons I seek God.

I am made in the image of God.
I am not an animal and I donít have to behave like an animal. I have the ability within me, given to me by God himself, to respond and relate to God. Therefore I can behave as a man and not as a beast.
I am filled with the Spirit of God.
The most amazing thing has happened! Though I donít deserve it in the least degree, I have the power of God at work within me. I have become, in some sense, the bearer of God, and God himself is willing to be at work in me through the problems and pressures I go through this day.
I am part of the plan of God.
God is working out all things to a great and final purpose in the earth, and I am part of it. What I do today has purpose and significance and meaning. This is not a meaningless day I am going through. Even the smallest incident, the most apparently insignificant word or relationship, is involved in his great plan. Therefore all of it has meaning and purpose.
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