Reverend Daniel J. Weitner's latest book has been published. It's full title and subtitle are:

Tales from the Showroom, the Road
And the junkyard:
Telling the Gospel at Stops and Mileposts Along the Way

308pp./16 chapters/end-of-chapter Bible references/study questions

If you are interested in getting a copy of the book, please be advised that it will soon be available at the Barnes & Noble and Amazon websites ( and The retail price for the hardcover version is $27.95; the retail price for the paperback version is $16.95. However, the author "can get it for you wholesale." Well, actually, not quite a wholesale price, but a discounted price.

If you wish to order the book through Pastor Dan, the price will be $21.75 for die hardcover (a 22% discount) and $13.50 for the paperback (a 20% discount).

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