The Long History Of Bunker Hill Presbyterian Church

Old Church Started by farmers in a one room, country church. (Note: This is NOT a picture of our current church!)

Bunker Hill Presbyterian Church has been active in this South Jersey community since the 1850's. The original church (See drawing, and picture on the right) was located around the corner on Hurffville Crosskeys Road. It was built in 1869 and was the oldest original church building in Gloucester County, and was in constant use from the time it was built until 1984. These original Presbyterians of a century ago were farmers, a devout, setted people who sometimes walked to church from "Blackwoodtown" in order that their faithful horses might enjoy a day of rest from their daily farm work.

The old church building (pictured above) is now located at the Old Stone House Historial Complex on Egg Harbr Road, along with other historic buildings of the Township. The picture shown here was taken the day the church was picked up and moved by truck from it's original site to the historial area a few miles away.

Needless to say, our church is growing with the growing community in the area of South Jersey. We are a Bible-oriented church, depending on scripture for our leading. We have a warm and caring fellowship here with a concern for outreach, both to individuals and the community. A strong desire for learning is balanced with a dash of good humor to add joy to our times together.
Old Church This is a picture of the current church.

You are encouraged to come and worship with us any time. There are a number of small groups and Bible study groups (as you can see looking through this web site). These groups meet at various times throughout the week. Our youth Group is active, and several choirs meet weekly for children and adults.

If you find our activity and goals to be similar to yours, we urge you to come and join us. You'll be more than welcome! In fact, the only thing missing is YOU.

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