The Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs about Bunker Hill Presbyterian Church and This Web Site
What good is the World Wide Web?
Did you say "web"? We think of it as World Wide Way to share the WORD, a unique tool for sharing and spreading God's WORD ...or just making people aware of our church and able to contact us.

What's the payback for your church?
Souls! Evil is on the web working on behalf of the devil. We want to be out there bringing people to God. This community is made up of educated people in white collar jobs. These are busy people who travel for business and pleasure, and are technology affluent - use cell phones, bank electronically, have PCs and Internet accounts. These are the people that drive by our church but don't know what to expect inside.

How will a web site bring people to your church?
The sign in front of our church now includes this web address. We hope the Internet shoppers within this geographical area see it:
  1. find us here at,
  2. learn a little about the Bunker Hill church family and our philosophy,
  3. give us a try some Sunday,
  4. stay for a while... or much longer,
  5. grow as individuals and families in Christ and God's Word.

Here they can find out more BEFORE they decide to stop by. Busy people shop on the web for ways to best spend their free time; including movies, entertainment, travel, museums, and sporting events. (Nobody depends on door-to-door sales people any longer.) Some churches knock on doors. We believe this medium is a most appropriate outreach tool for this community.

How did you pay for this site?
God provided! Frankly, we couldn't afford a site like this. One of our members did it all for FREE. If you would like to know more just contact us.

Is your church using e-mail as well?
Yes! Our newsletter is "pulled together" using email. We have an email Prayer Chain for busy or traveling members of the congregation. Our committees kept in touch and share information using email. We also use it to keep in touch with missionaries, our members away at college, and other churches.

How long did it take to design and construct this web site?
A few days... for the basic structure and 95% of the links and content. But of course, this is one of those never ending projects.

So what guarantee do you have that it will work?
None! We trust in God and his use of people. We trust that God will lead them. We trust that people will see that we have a site and stop by. The rest is up to them.

How do I find a particular topic on this site?
We now have the popular "Google search engine" available on this web site. Try it out! Look for the GOOGLE logo at the bottom of the main page. You can use it to either search only, or the whole world wide web.

I'm already a member at Bunker Hill church. Why can't I find information on this site about church leaders and their phone numbers, or Session/Trustee/Deacon meeting schedules?
Well, there are two main reasons: (1) We don't place personal information on this site for privacy reasons. (2) The site really isn't designed for the members of Bunker Hill Presbyterian Church, as much as, those non-members or searchers who may be looking for a church home (i.e. moving into the area from another state, switching church affiliations, etc).

Who's this guy General Failure and why is he reading my hard drive?
Don't know him! Seriously, we can't help you with computer problems. You can search through PC Magazine for some good sources.
We can tell you, this site was designed with as few HTML and Java extensions as possible. We tried to avoid any special Microsoft dependancies. We also tried to limit the number of images per page, in order to minimize the "world wide wait" while moving through this site.

However, if you experience any difficulties or problems with the site, or just want to provide a comment, WE WELCOME YOUR FEEDBACK .

I would like to speak privately with someone from the church. Who can I contact?
Just sign our Guest Book, and request a call.

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